Why Making the Move to MA was Worth It

(A conversation with Agents who made the move)

May 15, 2019

Adding a new product to your portfolio is a big decision. There are new benefit details to know and new rules and regulations to remember. But the payoff for your Book of Business could be even bigger.

We asked a few Humana agents a few key questions about when (and why and how) they made the move into the Medicare space. Some have been selling with us for years, while others are brand new. We hope their stories are valuable for those of you considering a change.

What is most important to you in a career? Helping people? Working on your own terms? Something else?

“Freedom. Being my own boss. Unlimited earning potential.”

“Freedom and flexibility. Being my own boss is satisfying because I get to call the shots. I would not trade it for anything.”

“Helping people is most important.”

“Helping people and building relationships is incredibly rewarding!”

Do you remember when you first considered selling Medicare products? Why did you decide to start selling them? What was your impression of selling them? What was the most important thing you did to find prospects?

“My auto and home insurance clients started asking me about Medicare. It dawned on me that if I didn’t know the answers, they might take their business elsewhere. It’s easier to keep a client you already have than find a new one, so I jumped into MAPD sales. Helping those who knew less than I did turned out to be a very rewarding experience.”

“As I got closer to 65, I realized Medicare is a complex space that many Americans are clueless about. I wanted to make it easier to understand and make a difference in my clients’ lives. I networked and became a resource to other insurance professionals who didn’t work in the Medicare market.”

“The owner of the insurance company asked me if I was interested in selling Medicare products. Because I am a local, homegrown gal, he encouraged me to go for it in my hometown. I found prospects by being an active member of the senior community—especially at Walmart!”

“When my mother was admitted into long-term care here in Phoenix, I found the insurance choices challenging to navigate. I started working with Humana and was very impressed by the MA training program and management teams. Since then, community outreach has been an instrumental part of my success.”

“I decided to sell Medicare products at the encouragement of my brother-in-law, who is contracted with Humana in another state.”

Did you begin selling Medicare Supplement plans only? What led you to get certified to sell Medicare Advantage / Prescription Drug Plans a well?

“My clients have varying financial backgrounds, but MA plans appeal to the greatest proportion of them. Especially if they are just aging-in, are still working, and have minimal health issues. Knowing how to truly explain the differences between Med Supp and MA plans is key. Five years into selling MA, less than 25 percent of my Book of Business comes from Med Supps.”

How is the MA selling experience different from that of selling financial products? Med Supp/PDP? Dental and vision? Property and casualty?

“As people turn 65, obtain Medicare due to disability, retire, or opt to leave a high-cost employer plan, MA plans allow for a smooth transition. They are easy to write, applicants are likely to be accepted, and in my area many of them have zero-dollar premiums. Everyone wants a health insurance plan, while auto and homeowner’s options seem to be viewed as necessary evils.”

“MA plans are great products for those with medical concerns. They offer affordable monthly premiums and include amenities like SilverSneakers® and dental/vision/hearing/OTC benefits and discounts that promote a healthier lifestyle at little or no extra cost.”

“Most prospects are unfamiliar with Medicare and rely on the assistance and experience of agents. This reliance allows agents the opportunity to gain trust quickly.”

How has getting MA/MAPD certified helped grow your book of business? Build a successful and satisfying career? Help more people get care they need? How so?

“I’ve spent the last four AEPs in a high-traffic retail kiosk. Not only have I been able to assist those who come into the store while I’m there, but the experience has allowed me to fill a pipeline for the rest of the year. Today, 90 percent of my Medicare business comes from referrals.”

“I am committed to being more than just an agent who ‘sells’ a product. Because of that, I’ve built a reputation for myself as an expert in the Medicare space. As such, my referral base has grown tremendously. I am able to live with true work-life balance.”

“People know me as ‘The Humana Lady.’ They might not know my real name, but they know what I do. My clients feel secure knowing that they can call me anytime, and that I helped them access great benefits.”

“Each person has different financial priorities and restrictions. MA products are available to those with all levels of income. I’ve found that when I listen to clients and hear what their priorities and concerns are, that they appreciate knowing all of their options so they can make the best decision for them.”

“A large segment of the population is aging into Medicare, so there is unlimited potential for growth.”

What feedback have you gotten from your Humana MA/MAPD clients? About their plans? The benefits? Their improved health and/or quality of life? Is there a recent conversation you’ve had with a happy client that stands out? What did he or she say?

“I am extremely proactive in my clients’ lives. Last week, I called to check on a client who is going through cancer treatment. She said she is so impressed by her oncologist and the treatment she is receiving. Because she doesn’t have to worry about how she’ll pay her bills, she can focus her energy on keeping a positive mindset and getting better. She thanked me for coming in her life at the right time and helping her get the care she needed.”

“My clients are extremely satisfied with Humana and express it to me often. I met a client for coffee who had recently gone in for a medical procedure. He said the entire experience was seamless and professional—from diagnosis to surgery--and confirmed for him that his Humana plan is the right one for his needs.”

“The primary MAPD plan I sell locally has been huge this year. For some clients on a fixed income, it has been a life-saver. Additionally, the ancillary benefits, like vision and OTC discounts, have made Humana a leader in the market.”

“I enjoy hearing from clientele because it means they are really using their plans. I receive the most positive remarks about dental benefits, OTC products delivered for $0 out-of-pocket, and SilverSneakers®. My members say SilverSneakers® makes a big impact on their everyday lives.”

“They tell me they are happy with their coverage and benefits…and that they won’t even consider another plan—and they shouldn’t!”

Would you recommend selling Medicare products to a friend? What would you tell someone who is unsure how to get started?

“Getting started is easy. The Humana website will point you to the necessary certification, paperwork, and learning modules. That said, this is not a 9-5 job. It’s a huge responsibility, but it will be the most rewarding aspect of your insurance career.”

“Not only would I recommend it, but I am always on the lookout for those who want a very satisfying career and the lifestyle that being self-employed allows. I will be there 110% to ensure they learn from both my experience and my mistakes!”

“I recommend selling Medicare products to anyone who has a heart for caregiving and working with seniors. You have to be willing to learn about the products and share that understanding with those who may have many questions and concerns.”

“In my opinion, Humana will offer all the support you need.”

Is there anything about you, your career, or MA that I haven’t asked but that you want me to know?

“Do the math! As your Book of Business grows, so does your monthly income. This is a great way to retire gracefully!”

“Thank you for guiding me and for the encouragement as I build a successful career.”

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