Five Things I Learned During my First Year with Humana

(Written testimonials from Agents)

May 15, 2019

Considering getting certified to sell with Humana? Wish a crystal ball could show you your potential future? We’ve got the next best thing. We asked our newest agents to tell us their biggest takeaways from their first year with Humana.


The certification process is more valuable than you might think—and sets you up for success as a contracted agent.

“Certification was seamless—much easier than expected!”

“The certification process wasn’t just a formality. The difficulty was spot on…challenging but also super informative. I felt, and still feel, it helps me with real-life situations in the field.”


There’s an undeniable learning curve for new agents, but with hard work comes big rewards.

“The most challenging part of my first year as an agent was the learning curve. But it was fantastic, and I was successful quickly.”

“After my first year, I am off to a great start. And I’ve been told that by others, too. There is much opportunity in this market, and if you are willing to put in effort, success will come.”


There may be “low points.” Do your best not to get discouraged by them.

“When you don’t feel like calling, call. When you don’t feel like going to an appointment, go. You can’t hit a home run if you’re never at bat!”


Building your business starts with building relationships.

“Success is all about building relationships. Demonstrate integrity, and you will attract members and gain the respect of your peers, too.”


Humana’s agent support system is there for you anytime—on and offline.

“As the year went by, I realized there was a whole network of resources and people there to support me. I feel I can handle almost anything thrown at me.”

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