How MarketPoint Brokerage Helps You Make More Sales

June 30, 2022

If you’re hungry for leads, know how to convert a lead into a sale and want priority support from a major carrier like Humana while selling plans from other major carriers, MarketPoint Brokerage is for you. Here is how Humana’s MarketPoint Brokerage can help you boost sales.


Offer customers expanded choice

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, the average Medicare beneficiary has access to an average of 33 plans from eight carriers.1 What if you had access to the plans of all these carriers alongside all the resources of partnering with one of them?

With Humana’s MarketPoint Brokerage, you get just that. Besides having access to Humana’s competitive plans, you can also sell plans from carriers such as United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, WellCare and Anthem. This allows you to offer members a wider selection of plans, turning you into a one-stop resource for customers to compare and select plans. As you can see below, many beneficiaries are able to choose among plans from multiple carriers, so having a broad carrier selection may be key to staying competitive as an agent.

Distribution of beneficiaries by the number of firms offering Medicare Advantage Plans, 2021


Note: Excludes SNPs, EGHPs, HCPPs and PACE plans.

Source: KFF analysis of CMS’s Landscape File for 2021 and September 2020 Medicare Enrollment Dashboard Data1


One part of Humana’s commitment to human care is helping people find exactly the right plan for their needs. In addition to Humana’s competitive plans, you’ll have access to all the great plans across multiple carriers to offer members more choice and the best fit.

This also positions you as a true expert for your clients. With in-depth knowledge of plans market-wide, you can guide members through the complex and sometimes confusing world of Medicare. You will be in touch with trends and solutions across carriers and will gain a nuanced understanding of what people need and how you can help.


Connecting you to carriers nationwide

To help you find the right plans, you’ll have access to universal Medicare plan platforms including MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK. This will allow you to search plans by clients’ doctor and help clients compare plans across carriers. Pick up the conversation where you left off with customers with the simplified client relationship management (CRM) features built right into the apps. Quoting and enrolling based on client needs can easily be done electronically on any device.

Agents also get Medicare center access through Sunfire and Connecture DRX. These platforms collect and distill data from an array of insurance carriers. This information is used to help identify the ideal plan with the lowest annual cost and allow you to enroll your customer in real-time.


Abundant sources of leads

What if you could spend less time looking for leads and more time talking to them? MarketPoint Brokerage solves this problem by giving MarketPoint Brokerage agents priority access to premium sources of leads. That’s because we know we can count on you to convert leads into satisfied customers. Here are some of the ways we keep the leads flowing in.

Existing Business Relationship (EBR) leads are generated when a prospect calls into a Humana call center but a call center agent is unable to close the sale and dispositions the lead as not interested. We have seen great success since giving MarketPoint Brokerage agents access to these leads through MyMedicareBot since AEP 2022.

Permission to Contact (PTC) leads are also accessed through MyMedicareBot. These leads have given permission to be contacted for marketing purposes and their contact information is purchased by MarketPoint through a third party so you can reach out to them.

Ring 2 Media is a direct response television advertising agency that specializes in developing high-performance, fixed-cost-per-call campaigns. If you’re the type of agent that can turn an inbound call from a prospect into a sale, then these leads are for you.

Leadrilla is a simple lead platform that allows agents to design and control their own lead campaigns. Leadrilla serves ads to millions of in-market consumers, then captures and connects you with them in seconds.


Say hello to your community with Humana’s Retail Program

Besides bringing you more leads, MarketPoint Brokerage also offers a unique opportunity for you to meet leads where they shop. Humana’s Retail Program partners with national stores to give you opportunities to talk to leads face to face.

MarketPoint agents have the chance to host tabling events at partner stores such as Walmart where customers can discuss their plan needs. This allows agents to make an in-person connection with customers that they may not have been able to reach through other channels.

The Humana Retail Program connects prospects with the agents who can help them find the right plan in thousands of stores nationwide. In Walmart alone during AEP 2022, agents staffed more than 3,000 US locations and reported over 50,000 MAPD enrollments and over 10,000 PDP enrollments—and this successful program is growing and needs effective agents like you to fill stores.

Get more marketing mileage with Agent Activation Funds

MarketPoint Brokerage also helps you reach out to prospects. MarketPoint agents receive priority funding for resources through Humana’s Marketing Resources Center (MRC). The MRC provides ready-to-use and customizable marketing materials in multiple languages to help make outreach simpler and more effective.

Agent Activation Funds go toward the lead lists, flyers, promotional items and other materials that help you connect with prospects. These costs can add up as your lists and outreach grow, as illustrated below.*

Marketing asset Quantity Price per unit Total cost
New Location Now Open Announcement Postcard 200

$0.69/recipient—mailed to a list

Turning 65 Grassroots flyer 200

$0.74/recipient—mailed to a list*

2022 Benefit-Specific Dental flyer (Spanish) 200

$0.67/recipient—mailed to a list*


Note that many resources on the MRC are free for download, but for assets such as direct mail with an associated cost, Agent Activation Funds help expand your marketing capacity.


Get ready to supercharge your sales opportunities

Between a broad selection of top carriers and competitive plans, a wide variety of sources of qualified leads and marketing assistance, MarketPoint Brokerage boosts sales opportunities and sets agents up for success. MarketPoint agents also receive exclusive communications and training opportunities to help you stay at the peak of your game. A dedicated Local Broker Relationship Team is there to support you every step of the way. We even make it easier to certify to sell plans through a AHIP certification fee subsidy.


Learn more about how MarketPoint Brokerage can open up new sales opportunities. Fill out the form to be contacted about next steps and get our free guide to lead generation, or contact a rep to start up a conversation today.

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1Jeannie Fuglesten Biniek, et al., “Medicare Advantage 2021 Spotlight: First Look”, Kaiser Family Foundation, October 29, 2020, accessed June 12, 2022,

*Prices are based on Marketing Resource Center prices in June 2022 and are for illustrative purposes only. Log in to the Marketing Resource Center for current pricing.